"Unleashing the Eagle within..."


Company Founders
Dave Hueller Bill Murray

About our Company

Eagle Learning Center provides the business owner, key executive, and professional with training strategies to increase sales, retain customers, and build a productive workplace.

Our Mission

Helping people and organizations unleash the eagle within, to encourage the high performing self that is the true essence of every human being to give of himself or herself one hundred percent in whatever he or she chooses to do.

Our Vision

Eagle Learning Center is a place…  where people are challenged. It is a place that is a vortex of learning, drawing people to it who want to discover their non-deficient, invulnerable self, the source of their utmost performance.

Eagle Learning Center is a group of talented people…  who want to help make the world a better place to live.

Eagle Learning Center is an energy field…  that perpetually builds itself with the power of people who bring passion and fun to their work.

Eagle Learning Center is a living laboratory…  of people who practice what they preach, who believe that you can't give away what you don't own. We believe that you teach best what you need to learn most.

Eagle Learning Center is a resource of ideas…  that we share rather than hoard. We only compete according to the original definition of that word-"to strive together". Our competition brings out the best in us.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to enhancing the performance of organizations by helping business leaders communicate vital new ideas and expectations to their people.

Our Experience

Our combined experience includes designing, implementing, and reinforcing training for salespeople, managers, service reps, teams, and individual contributors.

Our Founders

When William (Bill) J. Murray co-founded Eagle Learning Center in 1993, he brought with him fourteen years of experience in training managers, salespeople, customer service personnel, and other company employees with interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Added to that, his fifteen years of previous experience in sales, management, and customer service enabled him to help professionals make practical applications to their jobs. His helping professionals in their jobs inspired him to seek additional education in order to help them further in their personal lives. His experience as a marriage and family counselor for the last five years gave him the opportunity to counsel many in personal as well as professional problems. An article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune called "Creating the New You" documented some of this personal counseling.

Helping managers manage and leaders lead has been a strong focus of Bill's work with organizations. His strategic planning guidance and team building techniques have helped companies such as U.S. Link, 3M, Towle Real Estate, Comark of Canada, Land O' Lakes, Inc. and the State of Minnesota Department of Economic Development. Bill's work with leadership groups has had positive results like increasing sales, quality and customer satisfaction. He is currently working on a book entitled, "Renewal", that describes how struggling companies can have renewed success and growth.

A great deal of his focus in the 1990's has been developing organization-wide learning processes to help leaders in companies inspire commitment in their people to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, total quality management, and increased innovation. This involves moving the entire organization towards a more positive culture resulting in increased sales, increased profits and financial health. His book, "ReFocused On The Customer", grew out of this work.

Bill's work with salespeople includes training them in direct call selling, telephone selling, and account management. He has helped companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, AT&T, MTS Systems, United HealthCare, United Properties, FSI Corporation, Protection Mutual Insurance, UFE Corporation, Pace, Inc. and the Trane Co., among others. His training for the Minnesota Timberwolves helped them sell more initial season tickets than any other NBA franchise as reported in Sports, Inc. magazine. He has personally trained over 1200 salespeople for The Luxottica Group, the world's largest manufacturer of eyewear, who have honored him with a plaque that says, "You have touched our hearts and minds forever." His book, "Relationship Sales Strategies", was the basis of that training.

Bill's customer service seminars have had positive results for companies such as ITT Life Insurance, Chrysler, IBM, Valspar, Sterling Electric Construction, Kraus-Anderson Construction, the Holiday Companies, and many banks and savings and loan to mention a few. He has authored "Soaring With Confidence", which not only helps customer service people treat the customer with superior service, but also helps everyone in the organization treat internal customers with respect.

Bill attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Minnesota, majoring in speech and business. He is a certified psychologist from the Alfred Adler Institute and a faculty member of the Lawlor Institute.

David (Dave) C. Hueller partnered with William (Bill) J. Murray in 1993 to form Eagle Learning Center. Their partnership represents over 42 years of experience in the design and delivery of interactive, small group learning processes.

Dave Hueller has 20 years of experience in selling, designing, and implementing performance improvement systems based on contemporary adult learning principles. His work represents an integration of his experience selling medical products, teaching communication skills in inner city schools, and helping organizations increase the on-the-job performance of their people.

In 1989, Dave began action research into the business issue of how to build a service culture. The result of that research was field implementation of a unique discussion group learning methodology. That methodology was formalized in 1993 as Eagle Learning Center's ReFOCUSED ON THE CUSTOMER culture change process. Since 1993, over 75 organizations have implemented that process as part of their strategy to make customer focus a reality in their business practices.

Dave's long term relationships with clients such as United HealthCare, St. Jude Medical, Ultra Machine Company, Inc., Best Buy Co., Buffets, Inc., Minnesota Gastroenterology, Regis Corporation, International Paper Company, Sterling Technology, Wirsbo Company, and The Luxottica Group reflect his practical insight into the relationship between business results and learning.

Dave's classroom work has included designing and facilitating sessions for executive and cross-functional teams to help them develop a shared vision, to rethink how they make decisions, and to take personal responsibility for working together more cooperatively. He has assisted salespeople's efforts to look at their customers and markets differently. His development of Eagle Learning Center's ReFOCUSED ON THE CUSTOMER process has facilitated dramatic shifts in corporate culture by working with leaders-formal and informal-in their efforts to set up organization-wide communication about customer focus.

His work with organizations has led him to conclude that now, more than ever before, business leaders are looking for efficient, cost effective ways to continually educate their employees. This push for ongoing learning is coming from markets and individual customers who demand more responsiveness and customization, all of which require that individual employees better understand how they impact the customer. Dave Hueller and Eagle Learning Center are committed to developing innovative responses to this need for ongoing learning.


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